2010 Contest Results

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Sponsored by The Hobby Shop  
1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza Grand Prix Race Car  
Andy Marks  
Columbus OH  


MOST POPULAR MODEL (Voted by Attendees)  
1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza Grand Prix Race Car  
Andy Marks  
Columbus OH  
Mike Purtee  
New Carslile OH  


Best Modern British Armor   
Sponsor - John Fowler  
(no eligible model)  
Almost Completed Model (Let's see what is under the paint)  
SA2 Guideline with Trailer  
Jim Hayes  
Plynouth MI  
A - Aircraft  
Best Aircraft  
Etrich Taube (Lohner Built)  
Mark D Smith  
Akron OH  
Category A1 - All Types, 1/144th and smaller  
F/A-18E Super Hornet PBY-5A  
Dave Koukol Dana Mathes  
Tipp City OH Carmel IN  
Category A2 - Single Engine Prop, 1/72  
N1K1 Kyofu Brewster B339C Barnes Bat
Mark D Smith Scott King Randy Geithman
Akron OH Clarksville IN Cincinnati OH
Category A3 - Multi Engine Prop, 1/72  
Lockheed L 212 He 219 Bf 110E
Scott King J Griffin Murphy Dave Koukol
Clarksville IN Ft Thomas KY Tipp City OH
Category A4 - Jet, 1/72  
F/A-18D VMFA(AW) 721 Swedish J 35J Draken Me 163B
Ken Judt Matthew Margorski David Knights
Ft Wayne IN Columbus OH Louisville KY
Category A5A - Single Engine Prop (Allied), 1/48  
F4U-1 Corsair P-40M A-36 Apache
Mark D Smith Dan Sifford Scott Dunn
Akron OH Lancaster OH Delaware OH
Category A5B - Single Engine Prop (Axis), 1/48  
Me 109G-6 Macchi MC 202 Folgore Macchi C 205 Veltro
Dan Sifford Mark Siatt Scott Dunn
Lancaster OH St Bernard OH Delaware OH
Category A6 - Multi Engine Prop, 1/48  
F7F-3 Tigercat Dornier Do 335 A-20G Havoc
Scott Dunn Dan Sifford Dave Koukol
Delaware OH Lancaster OH Tipp City OH
Category A7 - Single Engine Jet, 1/48  
F-100F Super Sabre F-80 Shooting Star F-86F Sabre
Dave Koukol Tom Rebout Jack Zeleznik
Tipp City OH Cincinnati OH Verseilles KY
Category A8 - Multi Engine Jet, 1/48  
Me 262A 1a F-5E Tiger II  
Dan Sifford Dave Koukol  
Lancaster OH Tipp City OH  
Category A9 - All Types, 1/32 & Larger  
Bf 109G Caudron Air Racer F-4J Phantom II
Chris Toops Dan Thomas Dave Schweickart
Lancaster OH Springfield OH Kettering OH
Category A 10 - Helicopters, All Scales  
UH-1H Huey Bell 204B Hughes OH-6 Cayuse
Robert Shankland Randy Geithman Scott Dunn
Valparaiso IN Cincinnati OH Delaware OH
Category A11 - Biplanes, All Scales  
Albatross D III (entry 197) Tachikawa Ki 9 Spruce Zeppelin "Staaken"
Randy Dosier Scott Dunn Attilio Tore
Walton KY Delaware OH Cincinnati OH
Category A12 - Civil & Racing, All Scales  
Lockheed Sirius Beech T-34 PFAU Navy Duo Discus Sailplane
Wayne Moyer Mark Statt Robert Shankland
Beavercreek OH St Bernard OH Valparaiso IN
Category A13 - Dioramas, All Scales  
Me 109K-4 "Our Italian Friends"    
Terry Biddle    
Cincinnati OH    
Category A14 - Conversions, Scratchbuilt & Vacuform, All Scales  
Etrich Taube (Lohner Built) CW-21B Demon Spitfire XIX
Mark D Smith Scott Dunn J Griffin Murphy
Akron OH Delaware OH Ft Thomas KY
Category A15 Out of the Box  
Fw 190A-3 Fw 190A-8 F6F-3 Hellcat
Ben Pluth Jack Zeleznik Dave Koukol
Dublin OH Verseilles KY Tipp City OH
B - Military Vehicles  
Best Military Vehicle  
Flak 88  
Chris Toops  
Lancaster OH  
Category B1 - 1/72 & Smaller - All Types  
M-548 "Skorpion" Tiger I Leopard IV Brucken Lager
Matthew Malogorski John Bonanni Jim Hayes
Columbus OH Dayton OH Plymouth MI
Catergory B2 - 1/48 - All Types  
GMC 2.5 ton Cargo Truck Jagdpanther Pz IV
Joe Robinette Ed Bernardo John Bonanni
Union OH Marion OH Dayton OH
Category B3 - 1/35 - Fully Tracked, 1945 & Earlier  
Centaur Panzer 38(T) G Panther D
Brock Hopkins III Ben Toops Chris Toops
Gambier OH Columbus OH Lancaster OH
Category B4 - 1/35 - Fully Tracked, Post 1945  
M24 Chaffee British Challenger II iop Telic, 2004 Centurion ARV Mk II
Dana Mathes Matthew Malogorski Jim Hayes
Carmel IN Columbus OH Plymouth MI
Category B5 - Lightly Armored Vehicles (Half Tracks, Armored Cars, APC's Etc  
SdKfz 7/Z M8 Greyhound Sd Kfz 234/2
Jim Hayes Dana Mathes Monte R Kelch
Plymouth MI Carmel IN Milford OH
Category B6 - 1/35 Soft Skinned Vehicles  
Steyr 1500A Wehrmacht Staff Car Soviet ZIS A4 Ambulance
Ben Toops Brock Hopkins III Monte R Kelch
Columbus OH Gambier OH Milford OH
Category B7 - Artillery & Self Propelled Guns - All Scales  
Flak 88 Whitworth Cannon Soviet Anti Tank Gun 45mm
Chris Toops Dana Mathes Monte R Kelch
Lancaster OH Carmel IN Milford OH
Category B8 - Conversions, Scratchbuilt - All Scales  
GMC Fuel Truck Warrior FV512 Soviet Aircraft Service Truck (ZIS6)
Chris Toops John Fowler Monte R Kelch
Lancaster OH Huber Heights OH Milford OH
Category B9 - Dioramas - All Scales  
"Recon Report" Humvee  
Brock Hopkins III Shane Miller  
Gambier OH Troy OH  



Category B10 - Out of the Box  
Panther G French MBT M47 1956 MBT-70 Tank
Dan Sifford Gary Kirschner Dana Mathes
Lancaster OH Cincinnati OH Carmel IN
C - Automotive Vehicles  
Best Automotive  
1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza Grand Prix Race Car  
Andy Marks  
Columbus OH  
Category C1 - 1/32 & Smaller Auto  
Super Van Zinger Corvette Sport Coupe  
Ron Francis Mike Purtee  
Pataskala OH New Carlisle OH  
Category C2 - 1/24 & 1/25 Replica Stock  
1965 Chevy Impala    
Mike Purtee    
New Carlisle OH    
Category C3 - 1/24 & 1/25 Street Machines, Rods & Customs  
69 Camaro Street Machine Datsun 510 Rat Rod
Mark G Harmon Michael Newport Dan Thomas
Westerville OH Dublin OH Springfield OH
Category C4 - 1/24 & 1/25 Competition  
Bud King Top Fuse Dragster Maynard Troyer's Dirt Racer Lexus SC 430 'Mobil1'
Mark G Harmon Dan Thomas Jon Lee
Westerville OH Springfield OH Columbus OH
Category C5 - 1/20 & Larger Autos  
Grand AM Funny Car 1925 Rad Rod 63 Corvette
Mark G Harmon Mike Purtee Alan Baach
Westerville OH New Carlisle OH Mt Clemens MI
Category C6 - Trucks and Commercial Vehicles - All Scales  
Dodge 'Lil' Red Wagon' Ford Ranger White 3000 Semi Truck
Ron Francis Michael Newport Randy Dosier
Pataskala OH Dublin OH Walton KY
Category C7 - Motorcycles - All Scales  
06 Yamaha Y2R-M1 'Laguna Seca' Harley Davidson Springer Softail Shaker Trike
Jon Lee David Perry Mike Purtee
Columbus OH Twinsburg OH New Carlisle OH
Category C8 - Conversions and Scratchbuilt  
1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza Outlaw & Robbin Hood Fink Burnt Out Ford Mustang
Andy Marks Ron Francis Michael Newport
Columbus OH Pataskala OH Dublin OH
Category C9 - Dioramas - All Scales  
Pickup 56 Ford "Field of Dreams" Diorama  
Shane Miller Mark G Harmon  
Troy OH Westerville OH  
Category C10 - Out of Box  
Nascar Pontiac Chevy Camero Circus Wagon
Mark G Harmon Michael Newport Ron Francis
Westerville OH Dublin OH Pataskala OH
D - Ships  
Best Ship  
S-100 Schnellboat  
Paul Simpson  
Category D1 - Sails and/or Oars - All Scales  
(no entries)  
Category D2 - 1/500 & Smaller - Powered  
INJ Haruna USS San Francisco  
Chris Allman Randy Geithman  
Cincinnati OH Cincinnati OH  



Category D3 - Powered, 1/499 & Larger - Powered  
S-100 Schnellboat USS Sullivans Destroyer CSS Hunley
Paul Simpson Gary Kirschner Janet Hein
Hamilton OH Cincinnati OH Walton Hills OH




Category D4 - Out of Box  
U Boat XXI USCGC Cape Gull Charles de Gaul
Gary Kirschner Dave Koukol Chris Allman
Cincinnati OH Tipp City OH Cincinnati OH




E - Figures  
Best Figure  
"Your Move, Fritz", WW II  
Eric Janssen  
Troy OH  


E1 - 30mm and Smaller - Real to Life  
(No Entries)  
E2 - 31mm thru 60mm - Real to Life  
Knight Jean de Chalun, Cercy    
Eric Janssen    
Troy OH    


E3 - 61mm thru 90mm - Real to Life  
Knight Walter von Huhenklingen    
Eric Janssen    
Troy OH    


E4 - 91mm & Larger - Real to Life  
Korean General Cho-Son  P.G. Kharkov 43 German Fallschiamjager, WW II
Tom Weekley Brock Hopkins III Eric Janssen
Butler, OH Gambier, OH Troy, OH




E5 - Fantasy & Sci-Fi - All Scales  
Eligor Zombardier Heman Munster Bust
Dave Morrissette Tom Weekley John Lemons
Canal Winchester OH Butler OH Findlay OH




E6 - Conversions and Scratchbuilt - All Scales  
E7 - Dioramas & Vignettes (2 or More Figures)  
"Your Move, Fritz", WW II "Knight Falls" Hawkeye-Woodland Indian
Eric Janssen Joe Robinette Dave Schweickart
Troy Union OH Kettering OH




F - Miscellaneous  
F1 - Science Fiction  & Fantasy - All Scales  
Starship Icaurs Tie Fighter Lunadiver Stingray
Chris Allman Joe Robinette Dave Morrissette
Cincinnati OH Union OH Canal Winchester OH




F2 - Collections (5 or More Related)  
(No Entries)  
F3 - Group Entries  
(No Entries)  
F4 - All Others  
Sir Eggplant Rommel's Rod Rommel's Rod
Brock Hopkins III Janet Hein Tom Weekley
Gambier OH Walton Hills OH Butler OH




G - Juniors (Under 18 Years Old)
Best Junior Overall  
SdKfz 251  
Ryan Simpson  


G - Juniors (12 and under)  
G1 - Aircraft - All Types, All Scales  
F/A-18G Growler P-61 Black Widow F4U Corsair
Sam Houpt Matvey Yang Camden Koukol
Lincoln IL Dublin OH Tipp City OH



G2 - Armor - All Types, All Scales
M1A2 Abrams Hunting Tiger Willys Jeep
Darren McGuire Stephanie Horner Camden Koukol
Perrysburg OH St Marys OH Tipp City OH




G3 - Autos - All Types, All Scales  
GTO Judge Bumblebee Camaro Concept Car CST H2
Dana Simpson Anna Biddle Ian Fowler
Hamilton OH Cincinnati OH Huber Heights OH




G4 - Miscellaneous  
Space Ship Lost in Space Robot X-Wing Fighter
Stephanie Horner Dana Simpson Camden Koukol
St Marys OH Hamilton OH Tipp City OH



H - Juniors (13 Through 17)  
H1 - Aircraft - All Types, All Scales
(no entries)  
H2 - Armor - All Types, All Scales
SdKfz 251    
Ryan Simpson    


H3 - Autos - All Types, All Scales  
Calsonic Race Car    
Ryan Simpson    
Hamilton OH    


H4 - Miscellaneous  
USS Enterprise    
Ryan Simpson    
Hamilton OH