A-26C  Invader Walkaround

The A-26, a follow-up airplane to the A-20 Havoc, made its first flight on July 10, 1942. Production delivery began in August 1943, and on November 19, 1944, it went into combat over Europe. It was used for level bombing, ground strafing and rocket attacks. By the time production halted after VJ-Day, 2,502 Invaders had been built.

The A-26 was re-designated the B-26 in 1948. During the Korean War, the airplane entered combat once again, this time as a night intruder to harass North Korean supply lines.

Early in the Vietnam conflict, the Invader went into action for the third time. Also, the USAF ordered 40 modified B-26Bs having more powerful engines and increased structural strength. Designated the B-26K, the airplanes were designed for special air warfare missions. In 1966, the B-26K was re-designated the A-26A.

The A-26C shown here appears in the colors and marking used during the Korean War by the 34th Bomb Squadron flying night intruder missions.

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