B-24D  Liberator

The B-24D-160-CO (S/N 42-72843) "Strawberry Bitch" flew combat missions from North Africa in 1943-44 with the 512th Bomb Squadron.  The aircraft was named, in part, because of the pinkish-tinted paint.  It was flown to the U.S. Air Force Museum in May 1959.

After extensive restoration and perservation work by the USAF Museum restoration division, the aircraft was placed on permanent display and can be viewed in the Air Power Gallery at
the Museum.

Conditions for photography was poor.  Access was rather limited and the lighting was non-uniform and low.  For this reason some photos are of poor quality.  To help identify the photo, note the URL file name for clues as to the object and the orientation of the camera.

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Additional Pictures

The following pictures are time exposures and the exterior colors have been sacrificed to show the interior to best advantage.


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