F-15A  Eagle

The F-15 is a twin-engine, high-performance, all-weather air superiority fighter.  First flown on July 27, 1972, the Eagle began entering the USAF inventory on November 14, 1974.  It was the first U.S. fighter to have engine thrust greater than the normal weight of the aircraft, allowing it to accelerate while in a vertical climb. This, combined with low aircraft weight compared to wing area, made the Eagle highly maneuverable. During Operation Desert Storm F-15Cs conducted counter-air operations over Iraq.  They escorted strike aircraft over long distances and scored 34 aerial victories during the conflict.  The F-15C was also used to search out and attack "Scud" ballistic missile launchers.

This F-15A, 76-027 operated with the 27th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1st Tactical Fighter Wing at Langley AFB, Virginia.


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