F-86H  Skinned

The F-86H, perfected after the signing of the Korean Armistice, represented the practical application of knowledge gained from the thousands of combat missions flown by its predecessors, the F-86A, E, and F. Intended primarily for use as a fighter-bomber, it was larger and heavier than the A, E, and F series, and had better all-around performance.

The aircraft was produced from late 1953 to August 1955, with more than 450 being built.  It was never used in combat, but it provided the USAF with a formidable fighter-bomber aircraft until the advent of the supersonic F-100.

The F-86H, pictured here, was obtained from the New Jersey Air National Guard in November 1964. It is exhibited with part of its stressed skin removed to show the internal structure and placement of equipment in a modern metal airplane.  

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