X-32A  Joint Strike Fighter

 The X-32A, Boeingís Conventional Take-off and Landing entry for the Joint Strike Fighter programís concept demonstration phase, recently arrived at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.  The aircraft, which is currently being restored in the Museumís Restoration Hangar, will go on display in the Museum later this year.

During its first flight on September 18, 2000, the X-32A flew to Edwards AFB, California, where it was tested for its ability to perform simulated carrier landings on a specifically marked runway, aerial refueling, flight with a fully loaded weapons bay, and supersonic flight.  Trials of the X-32A ended on February 3, 2001, after more than 60 sorties and 50 hours in flight.  These photos are of the X-32A airframe, the powerplant has been removed.

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